Paul contributes video to Souls To The Polls 50/50 GOTV Web event



Paul’s back of the pick-up truck sets from this past weekend are available for viewing at:[0]=68.ARDmS_uatEscOuwEXZVwdtDouaGwqzZX6gsN_X3YirzECbEJLDNANedtOMNLKn3h-CuXetY8NwNBpkjdLtQPggv9Rdupw0Mh17E3hTXKrSQUTSbgXby-pqvoOV5bLtBCJyEY-tfiL3XCrbujzZw3zmfwECm8OKUaVWsuOEX8iCPi3Y0TZ_hidwblKr5QL2Qhs62ros_vNuLPEF2110mYPXUIVdorkd_jGEtPgJ-ahIB2sVimpo93XjENSc364OPPY-EiQEGYnBh3-GA2lJErAqg-dMOxf-lM_g-vlsnF7NggJWe1H_EERfi9dCULJfdhPAruee-iFWMKaPITemt4Ee4w

Additionally, contributions toward the future health of this ongoing musical project can be sent to: venmo:Paul-Cebar


Paul plays from back of pickup for Fitzgeralds in Covid era livestreaming event on June 13th,2020


Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound open for Los Lobos for FitzGerald’s Favorites special presentation

Paul and those peripatetic groovers of Tomorrow Sound are excited to begin their slate of 2020 engagements with a Fri. Jan. 17th throwdown in support of our friends of 30 some years now, the magnificent Los Lobos at that roots haven, FitzGerald’s in Berwyn,IL


Ahoy Polloi!

We were delighted to be in that number as we headed out to sea from Mar. 14-21,2015 as part of A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION’s Eastern Caribbean Cruise. Old man rhythm was in our shoes. We’re glad to report that Paul and those rollicking groovers, Tomorrow Sound, thoroughly enjoyed opening for the wittily intelligent, LAKE STREET […]



Thank you for another summer and early autumn of rhythmic precision and abandon. Celebrate Paul’s 30th year as a danceband bandleader (and songwriter, for that matter) by coming on out to our big electric show & dance near you. Look for more frequent updates of our schedule page. A preliminary listing of the next few […]