Testimonials From Fellow Travellers

Paul Cebar has been a musicians’ musician for as long as I’ve known him. Nothing wrong with that but how sweet it would be if at last the wider public could finally catch on to what the rest of us have known for all these years (in my case nearly thirty) that Cebar is the real thing: a proper soulful cat with the tunes, the chops and the voice to swing this epoch back to its senses.

-Nick Lowe

Paul Cebar is an American Original.

I’ve loved his work since I met him, eons ago.

He inspires with great energy and flings sparks

in the direction of all who listen.

He always gives you the feeling that he’s got something up his sleeve,

something new, yet timeless,

something that’s been percolating for several moons…..

I get the feeling, with Paul, the best is yet to come

And I’m standing in line to be there when it do….


“I’ve been a fan of Paul’s for a long time. He and his band play great funky, original music, drawing from a wide range of styles I love. We love touring with them and his radio show is awesome.”


Paul Cebar has an amazing voice: deep, soulful, natural, sincere. Fortunately, these qualities also describe his guitar playing and songwriting. He’s the full package. The real deal. There are very few artists in this day and age that have such a well rounded and natural sound, and even fewer that can play rhythm and blues with such a personal and unaffected tone. His sense of rhythm and phrasing is at once restrained and flowing. It pulls you in and leaves you hanging on his words. There is something indescribably human and raw in his sound – something that you can’t help to feel. His music seems to float to you the way smells waft from your mothers kitchen. The flavors vary, but the sound is always warm and inviting.

-GABRIEL ROTH aka BOSCO MANN (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings)

oh that paul! when i first met paul cebar in the early 80s, he’d already been chiseling away at this huge stone of what we do for years and all along the way, then and now, creating work that stands along side the great musical sculptors of our time. heavy statement? yes. exaggeration? no. paul, humbly and quietly in his small corner of the planet, makes music that is honest, emotional and will, in fact, downright rock you out of your hosiery. i’ve been very fortunate to be in the circle of the know about paul and its long overdue that stuff of this caliber get a wider listen.

-louie f. perez jr. (los lobos, latin playboys)

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